Monday, July 31, 2017

#the fiction of pelican poetry: part seven.



part seven: a sacrifice.

she loved her kids. so much

more now that she has nothing

to give.

his babies are starving,

as pelican tears streams reflections

of the pelican kisses she had

learned to trust.

“but that’s okay,” she things.

“that’s okay.”

she recalls the death of

her dad, and how his feathers

were sacrificed for something.

his feathers had meaning, like

the stained skin of her tear –

drop body turned red.

she knew her bridges were

burnt, the light of the heat

was being healed by the

pain of the darkness.

and she looked to her skin

that she had just pecked,

she sacrificed her body so

her kids could be nourished

by something instead of nothing.

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